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Little girl playing.

Our Purpose

To cultivate an environment of excellence. It is our responsibility to ensure every child receives the best care, education and biblical framework to prepare them as the next generation of influencers. This is to be done adjacent to reaching parents and guardians with foundational truths that will equip them for long term success with their children.

Passionately Pursuing Jesus to Reach One More

Our Core Values


As teachers and staff, it is our priority to cultivate an environment that promotes the

desire to teach, love and honor every student. Passion is our DNA.


We will build trust by communicating, being consistent and living a life of integrity.


We are family, and we'll share the highs and lows with parents and children. Life is not easy, and it shouldn't be done alone.


Believing in the truth Jesus Christ is the foundation by which we live, learn, and teach.


We build each each other up, encouraging each other regardless of position. As parents, guardians and staff work in unity, the children will benefit greatly.


We believe God has given us everything we need to build a culture of excellence.

He has gifted us skills, passion, and wisdom to operate in a way that brings Jesus’ glory.


As a follower of Christ, we continually seek to know more about Jesus by the study of God's Word, prayer and worship. By doing this we become more confident in teaching and guiding the next generation of influencers.

Meet Our Staff

Maria Garcia, Director of Passion Preschool.

Maria Garcia


Shandale Riggs

Teachers Lead

Scarlet Hernandez

Lead Teacher

Irene Salas

Teachers Assistant

Shalisa Washington

Teachers Assistant

Cecilia Nuno

Teachers Assistant

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